during the course of his life Giovanni has produced/engineered many of his own albums and some of his friends ones….

From the first days in his cellar in Rome, where he started to record direct on two tracks cassette-desk all the possible punk/hardcore/surf/experimental bands that he and his friends had made back then, he has produced and engineered around 20 albums, here’ s a selection of them:

Live At Atelier 210 (mixing, mastering): SoundShots, 2019: link

Live At Les Ateliers Claus (mastering): Sound Shots, 2019 :

– Opus Caementicium (engineering, mixing, mastering): Gaffer Records, 2019: link

Live at Cafe Central, Brussels, march 2nd 2016 (mastering): SoundShots, 2018 link

– Spread Them Out: (engineering, editing, mixing, mastering): bandcamp, 2018 link

 – Insalata Statica: (producer, engineering, mixing): Silent Water, 2017  link

–  GOING III (Disque D’Orgue) (recording, mixing): Silent Water/Meakusma, 2017: link

– The Ear Cannot Be Filled With Hearing (producing, engineering, mixing), El Negocito Records, 2017: link

– Jomon (engineering, mixing, mastering), Holidays Records, 2017: link

– Sir Robert Williams (engineering, mixing, producing), three:four/silent water, 2017: link

Family Drug (recording, mixing, mastering), JVTLandt, 2017: link

Pangatuna (recording, mixing), For Tune Records, 2016: link

Descanso Del Dopo Popo (recording, mixing, mastering), Cylinder Recordings, 2016: link

–  Legacy Of Ashes (mixing, mastering), Creative Sources, 2016: link

                       – Lonely Cedar (recording, mixing, mastering), Mr Nakayasi, 2016: link

Duos With Guitars (recording, editing, mixing), Silent Water, 2015: link

ARCO (recording, mixing), Die Schachtel, 2015: link

– in ZDB (mixing), three:four, 2015: link

– A Little Off The Top (recording, mixing), No Business, 2015: link

– GOING II (Machinery) (recording, mixing, mastering), Silent Water, 2015: link

Chlopingle (recording, mixing, mastering), Creative Sources, 2015: link

Obaloba (recording, mixing, mastering, producing), Shhpuma/Silent Water, 2014: link

Lauroshilau (recording, mixing, mastering), Creative Sources, 2014: link

Os Meus Shorts II (recording), Bankrobber, 2014: link

Live At Cafe Oto (mixing, mastering), Clamshell Records, 2014

– Anti-Pet Music (recording), bandcamp, 2014: link

Otona No Kagaku (recording, mixing, editing), Silent Water, 2014: link

Posh Scorch (mixing), Orre Records, 2013: link

Lift Your Toes (producing, recording, mixing, editing), Silent Water/Quinto Quarto, 2013: link

GOING I (recording, mixing, editing), Silent Water, 2012: link

Siyaha EP (producing, engineering), Twisted Tree Line, 2012: link

Sounds Good (mixing), Spocus Records, 2012: link

Ghibli (recording, mixing, mastering), Sans Bruit, 2011: link

Mulabanda (producing, recording, mixing, editing, mastering), Quinto Quarto, 2010: link

Wabi (producing, engineering), Merzbau, 2009: link

And The Missing ‘R’ (recording, mixing), Clean Feed, 2008: link

The Crappy Mini Band (recording, mixing), self-released, 2008: link