brand new releases just arrived…..


Delivery Health – HARD OFF

from Soundohm’s website:

Against the odds of geography – continuously coming together within various collaborations and combinations of the three, Giovanni Di Domenico, Jim O’Rourke, Tatsuhisa Yamamoto have begun to assemble one of the most exciting bodies of organized sound to have appeared in recent years. The trio’s second outing under the moniker Delivery Health is no exception to the rule. Recorded in Tokyo between 2012 and 2013 and emerging on the ambitious Silent Water imprint, Hard Off sidesteps signifiers and expectations, weaving a knotted tapestry from sheets of sound.
An assembly, a lesson, and a simple conversation between friends, Hard Off is equally an exercise in loss. It’s creators – Domenico, O’Rourke, and Yamamoto – three masters of their form, relinquishing ego and presumption for the honesty found in unforeseen truths. Preconception, reflex, and imprint fall away – a potent reminder of heights unveiled by the unmediated self.

Hard Off is a non-place – an undetermined sonic location without allegiance. These are considerations which begin with the ear – elastic excursions and experiments in improvised sound. Presenting startling and unexpected range, new worlds emerge and evolve from within the fog  – rippling textural ambiance, harsh interlocking atonality, subtle and delicate interplay to outright rocking jam. An album which always seeming exactly what and where it needs to be, while moving toward where must be gone.



Oba Loba – Sir Robert Williams

Originally Oba Loba is a project of Norberto Lobo and João Lobo in order to satisfy their desire to compose music for a band. Their debut album, Oba Loba, released in 2015 and critically acclaimed, has been described as a canalising music (Clive Bell in The Wire). Comparisons with Tom Zé or Jim O’Rourke were made to try to qualify a music hard to categorize.
Recorded in May 2015, Sir Robert Williams is the second album of the sextet. While most of the songs are composed by Norberto and João Lobo, the influence of the other members, especially pianist Giovanni Di Domenico, is more perceptible. Mixing composed and improvised parts, the increased complicity allows the band to develop clearer atmospheres, oscillating between minimalism and dense orchestrations, gaining in dynamics without losing fluidity and nuances. More accomplished but less immediate than his predecessor, Sir Robert Williams remains faithful to what this project represents for the original duo: an area of freedom where the pleasure of playing and the desire to share are claimed.


2017 is going to start with another release by a brand new unit……..

M(h)ysteria is a new garage/rock trio that has the Hammond Organ in it’s very center, Family Drug is the name of the album

M(h)ysteria- FamilyDrug - Front.jpg

M(h)ysteria is:

Giovanni Di Domenico: hammond organ

Laurens Smet: electric bass

Jakob Warmenbol: drums

the art-work has been done by the great Simon Fowler

M(h)ysteria- FamilyDrug - Back.jpg

the CD is out on JVTLandt

Family Drug press sheet

and some sounds: